Preheaters - Disposal / Dismantling Instruction

FPHB Component / Fraction Environmental Conditions Dismantling / Scrapping Characteristics
Steel No problem1) Separate and remelt  
Copper No Problem Separate and remelt May have tin surface
Copper and copper alloys No Problem Separate and remelt  
Brass2) No problem Separate and remelt  
Electronic components Problem3) Deposit Ceramic component
Electromechanical component No problem Separate. Remelt metal.
Plastics can be incinerated
Contains small amounts of aluminium, copper, silver, tin, bimetal and plastics
Plastics No problem Separate and recover or incinerate May contain glass and flame retardants
Electric insulation No problem Can be incinerated  
Cardboard (from packing) No problem Can be reused or incinerated  
Plastics-insert (from packing) No problem Can be recycled or incinerated  

1) No problem means that most recyclers can accomplish this today.
2) Only on oil preheaters without tube connection.
3) Problem indicates that special handling is required.